A.Saks On The Go™ was created for the consumer who wants the most expandable, lightest luggage in the world. With all the new airline restrictions, between the weight issue and the size issue, A.Saks™ is the only way to go.

The owner of EWS Incentives, who distributes A.Saks On The Go™, has retail stores and has been in the business all his life. This is exactly what consumers are asking for, and we have absolutely nothing like this until now.

By making a variety of diverse and targeted collection available, A. Saks brand has made it more convenient than ever in finding a product that will tailor specially to an individual’s needs.

The response has been overwhelming. We know you will be happy!

A.Saks On The Go™ is entirely owned and operated by EWS Incentives, Inc. NYC.

WOW!!! A. Saks Luggage saved my life in many airports. The ease of the rolling Duffles, so lightweight & expandable is like no other. My A. Saks bag just keeps packing & packing, then folds down flat for storage. I love this Luggage!!

P. Haber
San Diego, CA

I travel almost 30 weeks a year and after using almost every brand of luggage, friends of mine told me about the A. Saks Lightweight line of luggage. I have never had such a lightweight, expandable case like this. I abuse it and it looks as good as when I got it 2 years ago. I plan to purchase the Backpack with wheels & the rolling duffle next week.

M. David. Peoria

My wife and I just got back from a 2 week African Safari. This A. Saks Luggage was recommended by our Tour Company who planned this most amazing trip. We needed to have the lightest weight luggage because we were not allowed more than 23 pounds. This A. Saks Luggage was unbelievable!!! It held everything and we never went over the weight limit. Thank you –A. Saks Luggage Co.!!!!

J. Christenson

My daughter used her A.Saks Rolling duffle for a semester in Europe and actually lived out of it. So lightweight & expandable she loved it and we now purchased 6 pieces for the rest of the family.

J. Matlock
Boca Raton, FL

“It’s a great bag, lots of space and the organization is great. A. Saks is synonym with quality and durability and I love their products.”

J. Johnson
Dallas, TX

As a business traveler and well and lots of pleasure trips, I have been using A. Saks luggage for 5 years. There is nothing any lighter or as strong as this stuff. Amazing!! Great Job A. Saks….

P. Ferrara
Miami, FL