We offer light weight durable luggage featuring trolley duffels, upright expandable spinner suitcases, expandable luggage, expandable suitcases, garment bags, 21 inch folding duffels, expandable computer bags, deluxe toiletry kit and monster tags.

A.Saks Luggage line is the LIGHTEST & Most E-X-P-A-N-D-A-B-L-E Luggage in the industry. Many pockets and the ease of pockets, and all zippers are self repairing; make this the most wanted luggage in the industry. Most pieces fold totally flat for storage.

A. Saks is a major Lightweight brand in the world baggage brand providing a substantial variety of lightweight luggage, and maintain yet modern product and lightweight baggage quality with durable luggage.

The A. Saks Collection has a worldwide best selection though the world journey.

A SAKS tourist looking for lightweight, portable and extended travel luggage will be considering A.SAKS, which has the Lightweight bags luggage also heavy and most extended baggage in the luggage industry. A SAKS luggage has all function like same basic design as well as strong, highly smart and comfortable. A SAKS makes your journey very simple and unforgettable enabling visitors to fear less about commercial airline weight and size constraints, so they can take more time experiencing their vacation trip.

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